Paying for
Your Bootcamp
You have options
when it comes to paying for
your coding bootcamp training.

Tuition for the 10-Week National American University Coding Bootcamp is $13,500, which includes all fees, books, and supplies.

Option 1

A one-time payment of $13,500 prior to class start

Option 2

Monthly payments over 11 months
  • $500 due prior to class start date
  • $1200 per month for 10 months
  • $1000 for month 11

Option 3

If you would like to fund your Bootcamp tuition using a private loan, you may consider information provided by private lenders at FASTChoice. You are not limited to the lenders listed on FASTChoice and are encouraged to shop around.

To view FASTChoice Private Loan Options:

  1. Click the following link: FASTChoice
  2. Click "I've already completed Borrowing Essentials" to bypass information about federal financial aid, which is not available for the Bootcamp
  3. Click Continue on the "Borrowing Essentials Complete!" page
  4. Read the Loan Product Disclosures
  5. Click the box "I have read and understand this policy"
  6. Click Continue to access the FASTChoice Loan Options page

Carefully consider different financing options. Before entering into any loan transaction, be sure to read and understand all terms contained in the loan documents, including your obligation to repay the amount borrowed according to the terms of the loan.

There are also a variety of organizations, such as banks and credit unions, which may provide other financing options.