Full-Stack JavaScript
Intensive 10 Week
Coding Bootcamp
Offered at
National American University’s
Lewisville campus in the
Dallas, Texas metro area.

Behind every website and digital application is a developer or team of developers. Developers are invaluable in today’s digital world. Individuals who become web developers are typically creative problem solvers who help create the virtual world that is part of our everyday life. NAU’s Dallas Coding Bootcamp utilizes curriculum licensed from RefactorU to help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful entry-level web developer.

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Whether you are entry-level or experienced,
you can become a web application developer in 10 weeks.
NAU’s bootcamp is designed to give you the skills to handle full-stack javascript development using front end tools like CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Angular. You will also learn back end tools including NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, and JSON, as well as gain experience with code management tools such as Git and Gulp.
Job Ready In…10 Weeks
Published in October 2014, HTML5 is a markup language that uses elements called tags to structure and present web-based content across the World Wide Web. It is designed to be easily readable, expandable, and powerful.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) has become the standard method for styling content in markup languages such as HTML5. Think of HTML as the structure of your house, while CSS is the paint, photos, curtains, and other decorations that add your personal touch.
JavaScript is a dynamic, interpreted, high-level language that is easily read and is run in every modern web browser. Along with HTML and CSS, it has become one of the three core technologies used in content production for the World Wide Web.
A database is an organized collection of information, and there are many ways to manage data. At NAU, you will learn about MongoDB and noSQL, which help you build, manage, and access vast amounts of data used in web applications.
People interact with the front-end of a program. Web design is the art and science of creating tools that allow front-ends to be used easily and efficiently. Web design covers not only aesthetics, but also organization and ease-of-use.
LearnWeb Design
With more and more systems on the Internet, web security is an increasingly critical part of any developer's skill set. As part of your training, you will learn about the best methods of verifying the identity of someone connected to your network or service. This process is called user authentication.
Dallas Coding Bootcamp
LearnWeb Security
Our success and our commitment to students are rooted in the belief that quality educational opportunities should exist for every person who desires them.
Dr. Ronald Shape, President and CEO of National American University

Classes begin

Classes begin June 2, 2017, so you'll want to reserve your seat immediately. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get the technical full-stack skills you will need to help you change or begin a new career in a fast-growing field.

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